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JC Moreau, Sports Performance Coach, Featured on Influencers Radio

By May 9, 2015August 25th, 2022Uncategorized

JC Moreau, sports performance coach, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. He discussed how he helps young, developing, male and female athletes from all sports, become well-rounded healthy athletes, while achieving peak performance.

Moreau has worked with elite athletes at the major Division I and professional levels, including Olympic gold medalists and world champions. He has also worked with athletes of all ages, from elementary school through collegiate-aged athletes.

As a sports performance coach, he focuses more on the body’s movements and posture, versus sports-specific tactical skills. He works to develop the whole athlete, hoping the skills he teaches become life-long habits.

According to Moreau, “I enjoy the younger age groups so much because you really lay a strong foundation, good movement habits, and a better understanding of their body. There is a big educational component and that’s one of the things I try to get through to parents. What I do is not a magic solution to anything, where it’s going to be a short, one-time program and then you’re all of a sudden significantly faster.

It’s hopefully an ongoing process that will last years. You start off, like anything, in a very conservative, controlled manner and there’s a very well-planned out progression that you follow as the athlete becomes more advanced and develops.”

A sports performance coach has different training and advanced certifications from a personal trainer. Moreau shares, “Most of those in high level positions have an advanced degree, such as a Masters. The certifications for sports performance are definitely different than they are for personal training. They are more about athletic development, energy systems, analyzing movements and correcting dysfunction. Preventing injury and maximizing their potential as an athlete. So it’s not about you becoming a better baseball player, rather a better athlete.”

He emphasizes that there is no quick fix for improving an athlete’s performance. Weekend boot camps and sports-specific skills are not necessarily going to produce quick, long-lasting results. Maximizing an athlete’s performance is a process that takes long-term commitment. Starting at a young age, it’s important to focus on proper body movements (mobility) and having a good control of their body (stability).

There is also a strong emphasis on training for injury prevention, which may involve countering the movements that they’re doing repetitively in their specific sports or in their daily lives. Moreau points out that young children today are sitting too much and not doing the outside activities children used to do years ago. This is impacting how prepared their young bodies are for playing sports today.

As an athlete becomes older and more advanced, they need to be learning about proper nutrition, proper supplementation and other healthy living skills that can become lifelong habits.

The experiences Moreau has teaching boys and girls, as a Head Coach for a decade at the NCAA Division I level, working with professional athletes, and coaching youth athletes have contributed to a highly skilled educator who young athletes are lucky to be working with.

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