"With his experiences at the University of Memphis, Arkansas and Iowa, JC has worked at the highest level of Men's and Women's Basketball. His knowledge and ability to relate with young men and women make him one of the top basketball strength coaches in the Country."

Ronnie Brewer- Former University of Arkansas MBB Player, Chicago Bulls

“As a member of the University of Arkansas Volleyball team, I had the privilege of having JC as my strength and conditioning coach for four years. His goals were clear: to make us better and push us to give our very best every day. Not only did he make us better athletes in the weight room, but he made us better people. He taught us mental toughness, resilience, perseverance and discipline as both a team and as individuals. JC had high expectations, but knew our limitations and was always conscious of injuries, sickness and the fact that training women is very different from training men. He cared about us as people and I accomplished more under his guidance than I ever thought I was capable of.”

Jessica Dorrell, Asst. Director for Lady Razorback Foundation, Inc.

“I have known JC Moreau for a number of years and have always been impressed with the way his teams are prepared for their season. His knowledge and ability to train athletes is among some of the very best in our industry. You can’t go wrong with JC Moreau training your athletes.”

Dave Richardson, Ohio State University Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach. 27 years training division I college athletes

“Through the physical hardships that J.C. has endured personally, he knows first-hand the level of mental toughness needed to overcome adversity. His persistence is unmatched and his ability to motivate others is remarkable. Most of all, J.C. is a man of action, not intent, and he uses creative and exciting ways to help others on a personal level. He will make sure that you reach the peak of your mental and physical performance!”

Kevin Bolis – Former College Teammate Colgate University Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Sacred Heart University Former Assistant Coach, Iowa State University

Sports are an opportunity to develop character, discipline, resilience, and integrity. JC builds young people into confident women and men who, through sports and conditioning, acquire the tools to become active leaders in their community. That is JC's value-added. His expertise is more than strength training. In many ways, it is life training.

Richard Albert - Former H.S. Teammate, Scholarship RB at Yale University Professor, College of Law, Boston College

“JC is the most knowledgeable performance coach I have come across, and his ability to differentiate between the needs of men and women, as well as from basketball to any other sport are what put him in an exclusive group of elite coaches. His passion and energy are unmatched. His #1 priority is for the athletes he trains to meet their highest potential and he attacks this task with amazing intensity. His athletes work hard for him because they know he cares about their success as much as they do.”

Susie Gardner - Head Basketball Coach Mercer University | Head Basketball Coach, The University of Arkansas (2003-2007)

“As a former Division I athlete himself JC knows how to motivate his athletes. His programs are unique and never dull, and most importantly they achieve RESULTS! JC's relentless work ethic and determination to get his athletes in the best shape possible is admirable. His passion and love for his craft is what makes JC one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country!”

Kristi Smith – Asst. A.D. Winona State. University | Former WBB Player, The University of Iowa | 2008 1st Team All Big Ten, Big Ten Championship Team

As a coach JC is very efficient and energetic and his workouts follow suit. His athletes get a lot done in the little time we are given and he always keeps it up tempo. His athletes are always strong and fit. Period."

Mike Malone-Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, The University of Kentucky Men's Basketball

“JC’s programs helped me to develop my strength, flexibility, and speed. He created an environment that was tailored to my unique needs, and he made certain I was always progressing.... After working with JC for more than four years – I am stronger, quicker, and more powerful than I ever imagined possible! He instilled in me the importance of hard work, competition, mental toughness, dedication, & passion. All of these qualities assisted my growth as an athlete – but more importantly – as a person.”

Becky Walters – Starting MB Iowa VB team, 2nd Team All-Big Ten 2010

JC Moreau possesses different techniques and beliefs that allow him to be one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the Nation. Not only have his training techniques helped me on the court but they have also made me a better person. I am grateful that I still have a meaningful relationship with JC and his family to this day.”

Jeff Peterson – Scout, Atlanta Hawks NBA | Starting Guard MBB, The Univ. of Iowa (2007-2009), Arkansas (2010-11)

“There are but a handful of trainers and coaches nationwide with JC’s level of expertise and experience. This is not hyperbole, it is math. Working with JC is a rare opportunity to gain access to the same training methods used by top professional athletes, D-1 schools and athletes, and all other types of elite athletes. If you have a young athlete that you’d like to prepare for the “big time”, or to reach the “next level” in their personal performance then get them to JC…”

Mike Gillette, Mind/Body Performance Coach, Author, Featured in “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” & “Guinness World Records”

“JC Moreau was the right coach to complement our program at the University of Iowa. I believe that JC's ability to care for and teach our athletes, combined with his ability to provide individualized attention is what made the difference in a positive way, and we were able to win three National Championships during that time.”

Danny Song Head Assistant Wrestling Coach, U.S. Naval Academy Former Assistant Wrestling Coach, University of Iowa

“I had the pleasure of working with J.C. at Lafayette College when I went back there from Maryland and he has that very necessary quality that allows student athletes to trust him and work for him because they truly feel he has their best interests at heart. As an ex-player from a very successful Colgate program and with all his other experience at highly prominent programs, J.C. has become very polished.
In closing, I would promise you if I got a head coaching job tomorrow, J.C. would be one of the first people I would call.”

Bob Heffner, Assistant Football Coach, Northwestern University

“I’ve had the privilege of working with JC Moreau while serving as Offensive Coordinator for Lafayette College and he did an outstanding job of not only training and developing our student athletes but was also instrumental in our recruiting efforts and was a vital part of moving our program forward. He did this by relentlessly trying to raise the bar regarding facility upgrades, our players’ expectations in the weight room, and in the class room, and always being available to assist in any area. Regardless of whether or not it was in his job description to do so or not, if it would help us get closer to our larger goals he would do it and think of ways to take it one step further. Lafayette College went on to win 3 consecutive Patriot League championships and appear in 3 consecutive NCAA FCS Championships!
With his years of added experience and association with two of the biggest conferences in college athletics, JC must be considered one of the premier strength coaches in the country. As a twenty-five year old his ability to grasp the bigger picture issues made it clear his benefits were much farther reaching than just the weight room.”

Mike Faragalli – Asst. Football Coach, The University of Virginia

“What I liked about working with JC was that he is very open and interested in getting the most out of each session, and takes an objective look at the entire workout to evaluate the situation. He also had a reasonable explanation for doing what he did and even regularly espoused his rationale when it was not obvious. It was like you could see the confusion or the potential lack of commitment and wanted to make it easier to understand so that a full commitment could be made. This requires not only an open mind, but an understanding of today’s young people and the self-confidence to put your knowledge on display and be willing to have your opinions challenged. “

Danny T. Foster, PhD, ATC – Assoc. Dir. of Athletic Training-35 years Director of curriculum, Athletic Training, The University of Iowa

My son, David trained with JC for several months before entering New Hampton Prep to play Basketball and study. He added much needed weight and strength, is more explosive and confident in his athletic ability, and simply put JC has been great for David! He has educated David on proper nutrition and the importance of recovery after sporting events. As a parent, I really like the fact that JC makes sure that each exercise is done correctly in order to avoid injury and gain the maximum benefit. He has also gone out of his way to inform me of David's progress. I like the personal touch that JC provides. As a basketball scout for a team in the NBA, I know what it takes to succeed in sports at the highest level. JC also knows and is able to convey that message and provide the means. David has high aspirations in basketball and I am sure that working with JC will help him reach his goals.

Frank Dileo, Scout, Philadelphia 76ers NBA