With 15 years of coaching at the NCAA Division I level, Coach JC Moreau possesses a deep, insider’s understanding of sports performance training. An understanding he has drawn upon to mold athletes in over 30 NCAA sanctioned Division I sports. Strength U combine JC’s world-class skills with internationally recognized mind coach and best-selling author Mike Gillette to create the most comprehensive sports performance program in the nation.

If you are a basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, baseball, softball, wrestling, golf, tennis, swimming & diving, cheer/dance, gymnastics, lacrosse, track & field or football athlete, 10 years of age or above, Strength U will unconditionally maximize your athletic potential. Using the very same methods that JC successfully employed for NCAA Division I top 25 programs, conference and national championship teams, as well as All-American and National Champion athletes in nearly each one of these sports.

Strength U offers personal, semi-private (2-6 athletes) and selective group training (6+ athletes of similar age and gender) at a one-of-a-kind facility in North Liberty, Iowa (For information on how Strength U. can train your athletes at your facility please visit the Consulting page). Far from a typical weight room, Strength U utilizes a strategic combination of traditional strength implements, gymnastics apparatus, state-of-the-art technology and equipment created by Coach Gillette found nowhere else in the world.

Beyond teaching the techniques that build a powerful and balanced body, Strength U coaches strive to develop athletes physically, mentally and emotionally. As JC explains, “in my experience, individuals who are willing to put themselves second to the team, and who can display certain intangible traits, are the individuals most likely to experience the greatest success.” This is why Strength U coaches constantly work with athletes to develop qualities such as character, selflessness, resilience, accountability, mental toughness and adaptability.

Any athlete who wants to be the best must prepare like the best. And only coaches who have coached the best can take an athlete to the limits of their potential. Become your best. Contact Coach Moreau (jc@TheStrengthU.com) today.


“Sports are about more than just winning. Sports are an opportunity to develop character, discipline, resilience, and integrity. JC’s approach to strength training combines the best of both worlds: his methods prepare athletes for success in competition and also in life. He builds young people into confident women and men who, through sports and conditioning, acquire the tools to become active leaders in their community. That is JC’s value-add. His expertise is more than strength training. In many ways, it is life training.”

Richard Albert – 

Former RB at Yale Univ. ’00, Yale Univ. J.D. ’02, Harvard Univ. MA ’05, Oxford Univ. MA ’07  | Professor – College of Law, Boston College

*Individual Sports Performance Coaching

$ 129.50

Session($800, $1,200, $1,600/month)

*Semi-Private Training (2-4 Athletes)

$ 47.50

Session($360, $480, $640/month)

Group Performance Training (6-15 Athletes)

$ 22.50


($180, $270, $360/month)

*Semi-Private: only offered if athlete/parent requests and assembles 2-4 athletes.  Subject to scheduling availability
All Training available in 8, 12 or 16 sessions per month

Make up dates available and any missed sessions will carry over to next month.
(This is subject to change , but notice will be provided)

Contact Us for scheduling options, availability and for registration information