Strength U. is pleased to provide the nation’s most comprehensive sports performance training for girls. Coach JC Moreau draws upon his unique experiences training women, ranging from complete beginners through Olympic Gold medalists, to develop the customized training programs designed using the Strength U. mantra of “Strong Mind • Smart Body”. The purpose is always on training flawless movement patterns, technique, and power and speed mechanics, while simultaneously developing confident, mentally strong, focused and resilient young women.

Coach Moreau has 15 years of experience training NCAA Division I female student-athletes, and has trained nationally-ranked (Top 25) volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, track & field, swimming, diving, cross-country, lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey and golf teams during his tenure at Colgate University, Lafayette College, the University of Memphis, the University of Arkansas and the University of Iowa. At the University of Arkansas, he was the Head Strength Coach for Women’s Athletics (one of only two coaches in the nation to hold that title) and at the University of Iowa he was the Director of Strength & Conditioning. During his time at Arkansas, Moreau worked with several NCAA tournament teams, NCAA national champion, Stacy Lewis (currently the #2 ranked women’s golfer in the world) and Veronica Campbell (a four-time Olympic Gold medalist in the 200m dash and 4x100m relay).

While at Iowa, Coach Moreau worked with a women’s basketball team that qualified for the NCAA tournament each of his four years, won the Big Ten in 2008 and finished no lower than third in the Big Ten. Finally, in 2010 Moreau and his staff held the first ever strength training and injury prevention clinic exclusively for girls, with over 150 parents and coaches in attendance for the FREE instructional clinic.

His thousands of hours of practical experience and specialized study of the specific needs and challenges for females pertaining to developing lean, toned muscle while maintaining ideal body composition, correcting some of the muscular imbalances and asymmetry commonly found in women and implementing a sport-specific training protocol that seeks to strengthen areas that require particular attention in females who play particular sports are among the resources he uses to help each girl reach her potential.

Whether it is basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, cheer, dance, golf or ice hockey, Moreau and his staff will develop a program to maximize each athlete’s speed, acceleration, agility, change of direction ability, mechanics, explosive power (jumping), landing mechanics and strength. Most importantly, though, every program incorporates a proven protocol to prevent the potential for non-contact injuries such as ACL tears. Lastly, Moreau is far more than a “trainer” but a wildly successful coach who prides himself on educating young women on why his methods are so critical, as well as addressing important intangible qualities such as confidence, resilience, selflessness, teamwork, self-esteem and body image (if appropriate). In short, Moreau uses strength training as a way to build girls up, both physically and psychologically.

Moreau began to champion the cause of improved strength training for girls, to decrease the rate of injury, improve performance at a rate equal to that of their male peers and because of the tremendous value he believes it has in developing strong, confident female leaders. He and his wife Niki are now the proud parents of three daughters (Carly four, and two year old identical twin sisters Brooklynn and Blaykely), so it goes without saying that this is not an issue that he plans to place any less focus on over the years to come.

  • Sport-Specific performance coaching for girls aged 10+. This includes movement assessments, corrective work for structural imbalances, proper and safe instruction of strength and power training exercises using a proven progression to allow all levels of trainee work at the appropriate skill and intensity level, speed, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, running mechanics and more. Always with injury prevention and physical resilience being the top priority.
  • ACL Injury Prevention: Whatever your age or skill level, our team will perform a comprehensive series of strength, balance, and functional movement assessments. From there, we create an all-inclusive, personalized plan to strengthen and stabilize your body, address the specific risk factors presented by your sport, and reduce the risk of ACL injury.
  • Plyometric and other explosive jump training, always incorporated under the strict protocol established by Coach Moreau after 15+ years of experience training several thousand NCAA Division I and High School female athletes.
  • Nutritional consultation provided (ONLY WHEN PARENTS ARE FIRST CONSULTED) using the performance nutrition program Moreau developed in a collaborative effort with MDs from the UI Sports Medicine staff and PhDs from the University’s Dietetics Department. Our philosophy involves learning about each individual’s nutritional background, experiences and current habits, and addresses those most relevant from a health standpoint first. We strive to educate and work to develop an understanding of how our diet impacts our health and performance and seek to make improvements by breaking bad habits and developing new ones, usually one at a time. There is no mention of “Diet” as we believe the only way to achieve long term success is through proper education and the creation of new habits, which are only chosen once the athlete feels confident in her desire to make this change. This leads to a much higher success rate when compared to the traditional “yo-yo” effect that most experience when attempting “Fad Diets” which demand drastic overhaul that is simply not sustainable.Consultation is available to individuals and teams, and parents are ALWAYS involved!
  • Personal, Partner, Semi-Private, Small Group and Team Training are all available so that each athlete is able to obtain the level of attention they require, while considering the resources available are different in each situation.
  • Off-Site Team Training is available when scheduling allows. We take the facility to your school or club practice space and conduct sessions on your home court or field! This is a great way for parents and coaches to save significant time, keep cost lower and have their entire team benefit