Strength U offers consulting to support your school, department or team’s staff and to supplement sports and mental performance coaching needs. Working together toward your organization’s goals, Strength U professionals work with your coaches and athletes on-site or off-site, providing various levels of support, while being in constant communication with your team’s coach, director, strength-and-conditioning coach and administrative staff. Team training and consulting opportunities include:

  • Pre, post and in-season training at the Strength U North Liberty facility or at your practice site or strength and conditioning center. This service is the ideal way to incorporate world-class sports performance training into team training for 10-23 year olds. Whether it is basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, cheer, dance, golf, baseball, football, tennis, swimming, wrestling or ice hockey, Strength U will develop a program to maximize each athlete’s movement, speed, acceleration, agility, change of direction, mobility, mechanics, explosive power (jumping), landing mechanics and strength. Most importantly, though, every program incorporates a proven protocol to prevent the potential for non-contact injuries such as ACL tears, and focuses on perfect movement to ensure proper long-term development. What makes this service even more unique and an even greater value is that they bring their facility to you, saving you both a great deal of time and money (on or off-site)
  • Customized team and individual nutrition planning for athletes dealing with any performance related issue (on or off-site)
  • Mental Performance Coaching for athletes and coaches, by world-famous mental performance coach, Mike Gillette (on or off-site)
  • Preseason and offseason performance testing of athletes (on or off-site)
  • Strength U high school, college and club consulting provides guidance on how to build and equip a first-class facility, and/or create a program for your athletes and clients to fit your needs, space, and budget in the safest and most efficient way possible. This may include coaching instruction to assist coaches implement the most effective and low-risk workouts possible (off-site)
  • Continuing education courses and coaching focused on areas specifically related to the needs of your athletes or coaches (on or off-site)

The Strength U facility in North Liberty, IA is unlike any other sports performance center in America. It was designed with several very specific goals in mind, and each of these provides a distinct training advantage for your athletes. With a combination of traditional strength training equipment and apparatus, such as dumbbells, barbells, squat racks and benches we have all the tools necessary to perform any of the movements taught by most performance coaches. However, we believe that the status quo does not allow young people to fully engage in the process, nor does it properly prepare their bodies to develop and perform as efficiently and safely as possible. For these reasons we have also included non-traditional, and in some cases one-of-a-kind pieces that are only found at the Strength U performance center. By utilizing some of the beneficial elements of gymnastics type training and the natural strength and movement development gained from playing on an old-fashioned playground, we are able to train each athlete in a way that will maximize their postural integrity and structural balance. These are the two keys to maximizing athletic potential and more importantly increasing the resistance to injury!

In addition, our facility has field space (coming in October) for movement, obstacle courses, speed, agility, conditioning and power development work, as well as a recovery area and space which can be dedicated to more formal classroom teaching sessions. With this integrated approach to training we believe that athletes flourish. Not only because they are receiving world-class training and coaching, but that they are also working in a “fun” environment while simultaneously being exposed to cutting-edge sports performance and mind coaching techniques. It is the complete integration of innovative strength, movement, nutrition and mental coaching that makes Strength U the premier sports performance center in the nation.

  • Off-site coaches training and education with the strength and conditioning and sports coaches at Valor Christian H.S. in Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Off-site coaches training and curriculum development, as well as facility design work at Muscatine H.S. in Muscatine, IA
  • Off-site performance, speed and agility training sessions for the football and volleyball teams at Clear Creek Amana H.S. in Tiffin, IA
  • On-site off-season strength and conditioning program development with the football staff at Sacred Heart University (NCAA Division I) in Fairfield, CT
  • On-site design of speed and agility development programs for the Canadian Football Academy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Off-site performance ,speed and agility training with the Iowa Pump N’ Run AAU basketball program in Iowa City, IA